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Your Psychic Ability

Everyone is psychic to some degree. We all have the ability to tune in to ourselves, others, or a higher power and receive answers.

Whether you pay attention to your Psychic ability or not depends largely on conditioning and belief systems.

Psychic awareness is subtle, and there are many different kinds of abilities out there, maybe you will recognise one or more of these, check in with yourself and see which you most resonate with

Clairvoyance ~ literally, “clear seeing” and as the name suggests, this psychic ability will come mainly visually. Clairvoyant people will often use expressions pertaining to sight such as “I see” or “do you see what I mean?” Clairvoyance is probably the most widely known of all the psychic abilities.

Clairsentience ~ lesser known, but more prevalent, is literally “clear feeling” we all possess some level of Clairsentience, but certain people will have a greatly heightened sense of feeling. Clairsentient people will express Empathy and use terms such as “I feel” or “do you feel” in conversation.

Clairaudience ~ literally translates to “clear hearing”. These people will use terms like “I hear you” in conversation. Clairaudient people will either hear directly, or in some cases, they will have a sudden thought occur to them which will answer a problem they have, or give them some information about a person or situation.

Claircognisence ~ literally “clear knowing”. Claircognisant people just know things, which can be very unnerving to themselves or people around them. They will often use phrases like “I know” “you know” or “do you know what I mean”

Psychic ability can be developed further, and there are many great teachers around due to the upsurge of interest in all things psychic.

One of the best ways to enhance your Psychic Development is to find an ongoing circle and attend regularly, a google search should be able to come up with something in your area. Your local Spiritualist church can be a good place to start too, as they will often have open circles and although they will mainly focus on Mediumship, it is a valuable way toward heightened spiritual awareness.

Meditation and Mindfulness are also very helpful. As is simply being still and allowing impressions to come to you.

You could try tuning in with a friend, or even in a group, just focus on the person in front of you for a minute or two, then share what you receive, even if it seems obscure, the person you are sharing with will be able to validate what you get, there are no right or wrong ways to do this, experiment, find the way that works best for you.

Another great tool is the Tarot, or Oracle cards, which can serve as a jumping board for your intuition.

Try doing card readings for your friends and family, people are usually very open if you tell them you are practising. You may be pleasantly surprised at the amount of information you receive.

Most of all relax and enjoy the process ♥


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